During this one-hour talk, Mike will delve into the topic of spiritual awakening, shedding light on its true purpose. The universe is beckoning us to express something in this dimension, and it's up to us to respond. Mike's guidance will empower us to uncover our highest purpose, align with our spiritual calling, and actively participate in collective spiritual awakening.Ā 


Mike will also provide tools that can be used in your daily life to assist in your awakening, which will offer numerous benefits to your life. Such asĀ 

  1. Align to what the universe wishes to express in this dimension
  2. Experience greater fulfillment and meaning
  3. Experience better focus in day-to-day lifeĀ 
  4. Experience more creativity and intuitive inspiration
  5. Gain access to greater wisdom from within
  6. Gain answers to questions you have regarding your lifeĀ 
  7. Learn tools to decrease stress and boost mood
  8. Understand who you genuinely are beyond the physical personĀ 
  9. Learn what spiritual awakening truly isĀ 
  10. Learn how to fulfill your spiritual purposeĀ 
  11. Incorporate a meditative practice that doesn't require set periods of isolationĀ Ā 

Mike will also answer a few questions you may have towards the end of the talk.Ā 

Ā We look forward to seeing you soon.Ā 

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